Reviews & Compliments

Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) - Being photographed is kind of torture for me but yours are lovely.

Matt Chandler (Technical Director VFX, Jellyfish Pictures) - Fantastic work - Thought I'd drop you a line to show you my support. Perused your site and love your portrait work.

Adrian Tarrant - I felt I had to write to you not only to say what a truly wonderful website you have, but also to comment on the beautiful photographs that you have taken and the fact they they just reach out and speak being that they are so vivid... I used to do some modeling some time ago and I know how difficult it is sometimes to capture the right setting and get that right shot. It would seem that you have managed it on every occasion. I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland having moved from London 2 years ago. I think if you were somewhat closer I may of even considered putting my modeling boots back on and would of loved to have worked with you :)

Gilles M Mougin - Your photos are very beautiful. Congratulations!

Adam Membrey - Your work is incredible and to be applauded.

Graham C Taylor - As a Scot now living in America (the east coast of course :-) and as an ex-professional photographer (If it's in our blood then do we really ever give anything up?) I just wanted to say how much I admired your work...

I saw the bizarre publicity about you and couldn't resist looking to see if you were subject to the same bizarre censorship I was back in the 70's.

Yup, you do beautiful work; sometimes erotic, but always beautiful... always tasteful and, it seems, always a pleasure to view.

May I say a simple "thank you" for brightening my Saturday evening?

Jim Palfrey - I've recently retired from full time photography I would just like to say I am extremely impressed with your web-site and the images it contains.

Mike Reynolds - Having viewed the images on your website I would like to say that they are beautiful.

deviantART - I sat and stared at this picture for quite a while... wondering what makes it different from the thousands of other pregnant pictures out there. Was it the fact that you used natural colors instead of softening or gray-scaling the picture? (Well, yes.) Was it the angle you chose (again yes.) Was it the incredibly gorgeous model? (resounding yes.)

Most of all, though, I think it was the choice to have your model deliberately looking directly at her pregnant belly. The vast majority of pregnant pics treat the pregnant belly as if it just "happens" to be there. Sure the mother (and sometimes even the father) have their hands on the belly, but they're usually looking somewhere else, or at each other... as if to say "We're looking at the future, or anywhere besides this baby that's about to wreak havoc on our lives." To me, the focus of the picture should be the new life that's about to be brought in to the world.

Your model has a look of contentment, nurturing comfort and possibly even a little anticipation... all focused directly on her unborn child. THAT is beautiful.

Bring all those aspects together and you have a masterpiece. I think you've done something here quite original.


Fleshbot - Naked lady pictures are really great and all, but when anyone with a camera and a naked lady can do it, how do you make yours a little more interesting than the norm? Well, Neolestat - who is actually photographer Andy Craddock in web disguise - does it with a variety of beautiful, but not necessarily professional models, an aversion to Photoshop filters, and a playfully kinky vibe that adds some spice to his images while still keeping it simple. Oh, and maybe an occasional octopus on the vagina. Honestly, you can never go wrong with a few extra tentacles.

deviantART - I have to say, some of your photos, and this is one of them, posses a fineness to them that more than meet the requirements of the corporal world. You're capturing something that few people can, and a few of these gems want to be archival prints hanging before the eyes of people who really, really know what they're talking about.

deviantART - There are some self opinionated photographers in this world, few though have the ability to back up their words.

I'm glad to say you ain’t one of them

Been a pleasure wandering through your work, and reading your "shizzle".

deviantART - You are very talented, and I love talent. I am always happy to give praise where praise is due, and my friend, you are due a LOT.

deviantART - Dude? Are you for real? Knock your models? No way. Knock your photographs? Also, no way. These models are everyday people, and your photographs capture their beauty and playfulness. You are fortunate indeed to work with such people. It takes a special eye and attitude to get so much from a subject and bestow it in a moment's image. Great stuff.

Laura Billing Photography - The photograph of me and MJ where you've made my tattoo all bright is the most beautiful pic I’ve seen in a very long time. <33

Rome Romanne - This is PURE CONTRAST! This is POP ART, and has the potential to be iconographic!!!

Simon Barnes - Easily one of the best shots I've ever seen. Kudos.

Matthew Harrison - Reminds me of the works of Eric Kroll. This is good... not what I would expect for a high key portrait. Nice irony.

Chuck Burns - Fantastic photo! You are the master of your art… I admire your portfolio and style.

Amy (Stockholm) - Awesome, beautiful and extremely funny. I simply love this picture. It is one of the most incredible pics I've seen in... a while!

Victoria via deviantART - I love your gallery. Your photos are beautiful. They say a lot without being overbearing. I guess I’m lost for words after that. Awesome work!