In my photography you see the models I work with as I see them. I firmly believe that 'Post Processing' is important to all professional photographers and that 'Photoshop' has now become the darkroom of the digital age. I try to limit my own 'Post' to the removal of obvious blemishes only. No skin smoothing, no eye whitening, no teeth straightening...

The beauty you see is the model's own.

For most shoots I find it is enough to simply suggest to the model what she wear and how she apply her make-up on the day. Each model comes to the shoot as herself and ends up in print with as few post processing changes as possible. During the shoot I often ask the model to act emotively and from this I try to capture the personality as well as the external beauty...

I believe that acting comes from within and is an extension of the self, it removes inhibitions and frees the Id from the Ego. I often choose not to directly pose my models but suggest and let them pose themselves within a theme and shoot around them.

Whether the model poses with confidence or shyness the honesty remains and a set of beautiful and unique images is created.