Boudoir Commission

As a gift for someone special or as a unique and personal memory nothing comes close to a portrait or boudoir sitting. This is not a commercial venture for me but a service that harkens back to the days where people procured the services of an artist to render their likeness for posterity. You are never treated as a customer, you are commissioning my services and I will act accordingly.

For both male and females I offer a flat fee service for which you will receive the following:

A personal pre shoot briefing and Q&A session during which we will discuss style, apparel, appearance and the mechanics of the shoot.

You will have the services on the day of a professional and industry recognised make up artist.

You will be guided on the day by myself with regards to posture and posing, I aim to bring out the best in you.

An unhurried, no time limit shoot. It matters little to me if the shoot takes an hour or a day. As an artist I wish to give you the best service possible and would be unhappy if the resultant photography could not grace my own walls.

A choice of locations, either at home in your own surroundings, a formal studio or in a lifestyle studio. Outdoor locations can be catered for if it is your desire to create a fine art study.

As many costume changes as necessary during the day for you to create the look you desire. We suggest that you limit full make overs with the MUA to just two with retouching where needed.

A post shoot briefing where you get to see the photos taken on a laptop and choose those that appeal to you most.

The photos will be post processed off site during the days following the shoot but please note here that I am not promising wrinkle removal, skin smoothing or miracle anti-aging soft focus glamour photography but an honest and beautiful series of photographs that show you as yourself rather than showcase my retouching skills. Scars, spots, blemishes and birthmarks will be removed if requested.

Eleven finished photographs will be supplied to you by email for your approval. When approved, you select one to be turned into a large format canvas print and the remaining ten will be printed professionally and supplied to you in a leather bound and boxed photographic album.