Recent Clientele, Models and Burlesque Performers

Commercial Clientele

Bardens Boudoir
BubbleGum Sl*t Magazine
Engineers of Desire
Fettered Pleasures
G3 Magazine
Gay Pride Brighton 2008
Genki Gear
Goliath Publishing
Gypsy Hotel
Havoc Dolls
House of Harlot
Le Fan Noir
Madame JoJos Soho
Miss Poledance UK 2008
People Magazine (Aus)
Phaze Clothing
Photo-Couture Magazine
Prong Jewellery
The Sanctuary Rock Bar
Soho Pride 2008
Veil of Visions
Velda Lauder
Vice Squad
The Warriors
Welcome to the Deadhouse
Xpo 2008


Annette Betty
Cecilia Bravo
Chaz Royal
Chrys Columbine
Dangerous Dolly
Desmond O'Connor
Miss Dolly Blowup
Femme Ferale

Scarlett Daggers


Burlesque Continued...

Gypsy Hotel
Mademoiselle Katarina
Marianne Cheesecake
Miss Lalla Morte
Missy Macabre
Pustra & Vile-een
Romany Diva of Magic
Miss Scarlet Daggers
Sienna Sinclaire
Siren Stiletto
Stella Plumes
Stranger than Paradise
Trixie Sparkle
The London Burlesque Festival
Violet Crumble
Warren Speed

Recent Models

Bruise Violet
Calamity Amelie
Harlot Rouge
Hollie Bennett
Holly D
Jessica Forth
Katie Von Kate
Kate Piper
Kelly Xu
Larissa la RAWR
Laura Billing
Natalia Louissa
Rachel Rule
Samantha Stone
Ulorin Vex
Vicky Heasman
Yuliya Von Shytova