So! What’s all this Neolestat stuff about? The FAQ

- I Love your photos… How do I get to model for you?

Ask! Email me from my contact page or send me a note through deviantART or Model Mayhem. I’m completely contactable and always reply.

- What do you consider to be your ‘Style’?

I like ‘real’ girls… I like real emotion and I like fun. Clean playful fun or downright dirty fun, as long as the emotion remains real. I have no particular desire to create clichéd studio images for my own work, I reserve that for paying customers looking for exactly that for their commercial work. I would rather shoot kitsch, edgy, fetish, porn, off kilter, amusing, beautiful images than anything in the world. Photography for me is not a means to an end it is my life.

- Do you shoot with new models or do you only shoot time served models?

I regularly shoot with new models and get a great deal of pleasure from it. If you’ve never shot with a professional photographer before my aim is to make it as painless and enjoyable as possible. I want you to leave with some great photos feeling good about yourself and the experience.

- What about poses? Facial expressions? Look?

I am here to help. I’ve shot plenty of girls that have never modelled before and most of them find it incredibly easy once they get into it. It’s all about comfort and communication, two things I’m actually pretty good at. It’s my job to get the photos I need from you and your job to enjoy it. Half the time you’re using these poses anyway, all I do is persuade you to exaggerate them.

- Do I ‘have’ to get naked for you?

In no way do you have to. I am happy to shoot any levels through ‘fashion’ to ‘art nude’. I prefer to work with models that are happy with at least topless but I work to the model’s comfort level and always age appropriately. Talk to me and we’ll find the level that suits you.

- If I choose to get naked with you, how naked is naked?

Well… Again it’s up to you! If you want to get topless and leave your panties on, as long as you’re over 18 that's cool with me but if you’re up for it I have projects of an adult and very adult nature to work through. Boobs and bums are okay with me.

- What will it cost me?

That all depends.

If you want a professional portfolio I have rates depending on time and how many looks you want to shoot. You might ask yourself WTF when you see the cost and probably ask if I shoot with a gold plated camera… As a matter of fact… I do! (JK) However, you get a lot of portfolio for your money. I’m not going to spend a few hours with you, bend you into some ridiculous poses and send you on your way with a disc of images and a free Purpleport account. What you get is a photographer that cares, that will spend as much time with you as needed and really get ‘you’ on film. Time isn’t the essence here, the image is.

If you want a TFP shoot… feel free to ask. But beware… TFP in Andy’s world is a bit of a risk. Maybe you’ll end up prettyful, maybe you’ll end up wearing a rubber gimp suit and a gas mask. Whatever… We’ll have fun and discuss it first.

Commercial work comes up occasionally… This means I pay you but you’ll only get experience and cash. The images are the clients.

- Can we go for a Coffee first. This/You scare/s me!

If you are living within a 25 mile or so radius of London I’m more than happy to meet up beforehand to show you some previous work and talk through the shoot over coffee… Starbucks is my fave, so beware where you suggest.

- When can we book my shoot?

Depending on your location and my work schedule I try to get a model booked within two weeks of us both being happy that the shoot should go ahead. I work weekdays and weekends, in the summer I can accommodate evenings. If you live a way away from London it might take a little longer as I’d like to use my time to greater effect and might try to book two or more models in the same area unless you're coming to my studio.

- Contact!! Emails!!

I am all for communication. I like things to run smoothly and will reply to all and any questions posted either by email, through MySpace or through modelling accounts. Likewise, if you want to work with me I expect the same respect. I will always reply to emails even if it’s a polite “no thank you”. Please do likewise and the world will be a happier place. Treat as you wish to be treated is a motto of mine.

- How long have you been a photographer?

As long as could hold a camera! I took my first photo aged 5 and started posting my work and looking for publishers in 2004. Xmas 2006 I gave up a totally well paid senior management position and my company car to go fully professional.

- Where are you based?

Maida Vale in West London.

- Can I have references from models you've worked with previously?

Plenty… Ask me and I’ll give you Email addresses or contact numbers of previous models.

- Will you travel to me?

I can do and do often travel to the model. It all depends on you and whether you have a location or two you want to shoot in.

- Can I travel to you?

If you so desire… At the moment I'm working from a home studio while I look for proper premises. If you're happy with that, sure. We have a full range of Colourama Backdrops and 4No Elinchrom RX 600 strobes.

- Can you provide a location for my shoot? Do you have your own studio?

See above! If you need a location we’ll find one specifically for your shoot that works with the theme.

- What kind of locations do you use?

Anywhere and everywhere, although I try to avoid clichés. I won’t shoot in a field of Rape or Corn although I will shoot in a Church. Indoors I have shot in halls, warehouses, bathrooms, stairways, bedrooms, kitchens and on top of washing machines. Bars, coffee shops, theatres and cinemas are also good. If you want to shoot in your own home all I ask is that the areas are clean, tidy and free of clutter. Apart from that the world is your lobster. If you have a specific location you’d like to try I’m all ears.

- Do you have a hair/make-up artist?

I am looking and talking to a few right now.

- I want to do my own hair/make-up?

Cool with me! However! And this is a BIG however… I don’t like ‘orange’ gals so lay off the fake tan and be careful with the foundation. Cover your blotches and spots by all means but blend well. Please don’t have a white neck and an orange head when you turn up. We can discuss make-up per shoot should you desire.

- What do you suggest I wear?

It all depends on the shoot! For my church shoots I suggest something half way between a first date and mourning however if a lingerie shoot is your bag go all out to look as pretty as you can. For glamour I suggest a couple of changes of outerwear and underwear but feel free to mix and match as you see fit. If unsure… Ask :)

- Do you supply any props?

Unless it is something specific we have discussed beforehand… Example… A Ball Gag, that you might not have but I do I’d suggest you bring whatever you feel might add to the flavour.

- What should I bring with me on the day?

Photographic proof of age… A passport or driving license would be fantastic.

- How long will the shoot take?

I would suggest for a TFP shoot at least three hours. For a portfolio shoot allow half a day and for commercial work around 2 hours depending on what the client needs.

- How many photos do you take?

Anywhere between 600 and 1000+. As a rule of thumb a professional photographer looks to use just 5% of the photos he takes. It sounds a lot but time and memory fly when you’re having fun!

- Do I get to see all of the photos you take?

Not usually unless I have my laptop with me for a specific reason. I often show the model one or two pics as we go along just to show her how great I’m making her look ;)

- Will you Post-Process my shoot?

Post-Process of course… Airbrush beyond reality, no! I take off spots, scars, stretch marks, hairy moles and third nipples for sure but on the whole I want you to look like you.

- What if I don’t like your Post-Processing?

Tell me, we’ll discuss and if I agree with you we’ll change it.

- Do I have to sign a model release form?

Yes, no question about it unless we agree beforehand and you are paying me to shoot you. However, if for a portfolio it is often in your interest for you to sign one as my accounts will receive far more traffic that yours in the early days and it’s all promotion for you.

- Who owns the copyright and where do you publish?

I own the copyright unless I give you an image release form after the shoot which gives joint copyright. It is a fact of law that the photographer retains the copyright rather than the model and under no circumstance will I ever permit the model or a third party to alter my work. I publish on various modelling accounts, deviantART and occasionally to art books and galleries.